If you’re thankful for the roof over your head and the food in your pantry show our community some love.

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2016 Leaderboard

  1. Riverdale — 2.175 Tons
  2. Bloordale — 1.492 Tons
  3. The Beaches — 1.480 Tons
  4. Little Italy — 1.475 Tons
  5. Davisville — 1.22 Tons
  6. The Annex — 1.11 Tons
  7. Humewood — 1.07 Tons
  8. Leslieville — TBD

How do I work?

how_1A local volunteer will leave me at your door.

how_2Fill me up with non-perishable food.

how_3Put me on your doorstep before dinner.

how_4aI’ll magically disappear sometime after 6pm.

how_5A hungry family will get a nice meal!

What food do I like?




Cans of beans, tuna, chicken or other protein.


Canned fruits & veggies, dried fruit and soup.


Grains like crackers, pasta, cereal and rice.

Why Gratitude Bags?

Some families in our neighbourhood are going through a really tough time. The Daily Bread Food Bank keeps them fed until they can get back on their feet. So if you’re grateful for your food, this is an extra easy way to share it with someone who’s hungry.


Who made me?

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  • The secret ingredient that makes Gratitude Bags work is you! Thanks for sharing some of your food with people in need. You make Toronto wonderful.
  • We’re a small, diverse bunch of Torontonians who love our community: Grant Gordon and his family in Riverdale, Lauchlan Rogers, Mackenzie Gilmour and a growing bunch of volunteers who do all the work on the ground. Special thanks to Monica and Melissa for all their great graphic design, and to Daily Bread Food Bank — who have been keeping Torontonians in need from going hungry for over 30 years.

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Phone number

Home address

How can you help?
 I can hang flyers on my neighbours' doors, advising that Gratitude Bags are coming the next day I can deliver empty Gratitude Bags to my neighbours (7:00am) I can pick up filled Gratitude Bags and deliver them to a local food bank (7:00pm, must have a car and valid driver's license)

How many houses are on your street? (Your best guess is fine!)

Any questions?

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